A Decision Made is a Second Skin

A Decision that is made becomes a Second Skin

I came across this sentence and fell in love with it. It completely translates what happens in my body when manage to make an important or difficult decision that had been weighing on me.

It is so aligned with what is true to my core that I want to share the whole text with you, written by an actress that also works with self-development, Victoria Chillap (on Instagram):

“I love making decisions. It’s always hard for me to dare, but once I do my Life speeds up. Postponing decisions feel like postponing Life. Fear gives me the illusion of safety, but it’s just an illusion. I start losing myself when I settle for less. There is nothing that could be compared to the feeling of letting go of the concepts and things that are useless. Compromises that I used to narrow myself down. Yes, it takes time and energy to decide. But deep inside myself, I know that the decision is almost there. And it takes then only one step to make it my second nature. A decision that is made becomes a second skin. And once it is done, I wonder how I ever lived without it.”

I love this text because I was a very indecisive person for most of my life. With years going by I started to understand the roots of that indecision. And there are positive aspects to indecision, too. It is even considered a sign of intelligence (of course my ego loved reading that in an article somewhere!).

And then I also started to understand how important it is not to postpone decisions and what happens inside of me and around me (in my life, in my relationships, and in my work), once I have the courage to make them. It takes courage. It always takes courage to confront your fears. But the alternative is to live in fear forever or, at the most, in an unhappy, unsatisfied, unalive place. You stagnate, you die. You pretend you don’t, but deep inside of you, your higher Self, your conscious being, whatever you may call it, knows. You see, even if you don’t talk about it, there is always an internal dialogue going on inside of you that at least one person is listening to all the time: yourself.

There are always going to be challenges, problems, and consequences to face. You just need to decide what kind of consequences you want to deal with, and which ones are worth fighting for, living for, die for. All you have to decide, basically, (how lucky are we, after all?), is what to do with the TIME that is given to us on this Earth.

What and who do you give your precious energy and time to? Because your attention is the best gift you can offer somebody and it’s the best gift you can be given. So, look around and pay attention to where that is really happening, and how it makes you feel, and decide where you want to invest yourself. Make decisions, but even better, make better decisions.

With love,


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