About Me

 This is how it has always been for me: adventure. Putting myself 100% out there, trusting Life, trusting myself, trusting this human race to which I belong to (most of the time, anyway!).

 When I learn, serve, create and contribute, I feel connected to myself and to the world around me, that is, to People. This is why I chose this profession – Coaching – (or it chose me!), after 22 years living abroad in many different continents, countries, cities and contrasting settings, from the Amazon jungle to the high rises of Shanghai.

As your Coach, I will ——- 


 About You

I work with YOU so you can do whatever it takes to become the woman you want to be, today.
Not when you are 90 and life has past you. This Coaching work will bring you the kickass life you desire and deserve. Not the life your parents, education, society, culture or even your own preconcepts, demand of you. You must be free to live fully and whole heartedly.
And yes, it is “work”, if you’re really willing to do it. It’s not for everybody, only for the brave, for those women who don’t settle for second best, because it takes courage to fully open yourself up to Life. And there is only Now, this life, this chance. Make it worthwhile. Carpe Diem. As Jung says, “You are not what happened to you, you are what you choose to become.”
A life of authenticity it’s a choice. And there is a price to pay. Are you ready to let go of what no longer fits you and your life, that which no longer makes sense, and perhaps never did? Are you willing to create the space in your life to finally and truly love without losing your identity, without letting the limits of what is healthy for you, scare you, preventing you from letting something go or asking that something to leave?

About Us

We all need a little help in this tough process and the correct partnerships for you will always embrace you, the whole of you, and make you advance in life much more effitiently and at a greater speed than doing it solo. And not all positive changes might feel positive right at the start. This is why we need someone with an external eye who can both guide and hold us accountable: a Coach, “the” Coach for you.
Are you a woman who doesn’t seem to feel alive anymore or not all the time? Have you somehow lost your identity, magic, or subjugated yourself on a personal and/or professional level? Do you keep thinking that you just don’t meet the “right” person? Do you wonder why? Are you living the “right” way towards yourself? Do you know what the “right” way for you even means? Does your job drain you or does it energise you? How about your relationships? Do you want to re-establish integrity, authenticity and freedom in your life right now as a top priority, thus honouring the unique qualities of your Being? Then maybe we can work together.
Want to know how?

Book a strategic 45 min complementary session to find out if we are a good match to work and the services I can offer you: contact@elisadelima.com or msg me via FB.

Let’s get to work! @elisathecoach – certified by ICF



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