Don’t be the Woman who “waits”.

(photo: Jordania 2013)

We have all been there.

The phone doesn’t ring. The text doesn’t come. So, we send one. The reply comes in, maybe 1h, maybe a day later. And it’s shorter than ours, doesn’t have the same zest. We reply with a longer one.

We wait a bit more, a while more, sometimes years more. For the call, for the text, for the invitation, for the kiss, for the compliment, for the appreciation, for awe, for touch, for hunger to see you, hear you, give you full attention, presence, and heart. To hear a commitment in words (and that is not necessarily “marry me”). Or to simply hear the truth. If the person has balls. Sometimes we wait to hear the truth we already know even though it may never happen. Because not everyone has balls. Not even men.

The problem with waiting is you get old. Your hair goes grey.

The second problem is you get tired. Waiting can be draining, ironically. You get disappointed, hurt, disillusioned, sad, maybe even depressed. And cynic.

You stop giving deep, fulfilling, lasting love a second chance. High-value people cross your way and you stop being able to recognize them.

The only way to not wait is not to do it. Sounds simple. But removing ourselves from involvement or a “fake relationship” where we have invested more than we can afford – or can admit to – is difficult, extremely difficult. So don’t even get yourself into the situation in the first place. Don’t take the seat. Don’t sit down. It’s tempting, but it’s a prison, your prison.

Don’t put your life on hold for any man. Don’t be the woman who waits.

You want someone to run wild with you. Don’t make people wait and don’t wait for people. Stand up and run free. Your ideal mate will be running in the same direction, it’s just a matter of crossing paths.

So be patient in the right way, be free in every possible way, and… keep on moving.

With love,


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