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Helping women build quality relationships and find long lasting love.

Coaching and Mentoring can help when you feel Confused, Stuck, Afraid, Anxious, Exhausted, Insecure, Indecisive. 

It’s so important to make the right decision for me, of taking the time to understand what is most important.

Don't seem to be able to overcome my limiting beliefs and fears and that makes it difficult for me in times of change.

When in need to make an important decision I’m not very good at gaining focus, I feel very indecisive.

It hurts to imagine the consequences of a difficult decision and that makes me feel stuck.

Elisa, my life is upside down!

I need to find my courage.

Sometimes I get to a crossroads and I just can't think clearly to take the right direction, I lack clarity in these moments.

I’m afraid of what others might think when I have to make a difficult decision.

In times of uncertainty we often feel lost. In these moments making a decision with confidence and claritymentally and emotionally – alleviates your heart bringing the tranquillity you need by following what’s right for you. I coach women to…


Boost your self-esteem to be the person you want and are here to be. (Not the one you think you need to be to be loved.)


Help you make important and difficult decisions and changes, confidently, in your everyday life and during times of pain.

Say No

Help you say “no” to what doesn’t serve you, so you can say yes to what does.

self sufficient

Help you be emotionally self-sufficient and attract emotionally self-sufficient people into your life.

What you want

Help you find what you truly want and learn how to ask for it.

Follow your heart

Help you decide from your heart and not from your ego.

core Feminine Energy

Help you get rid of tension, back pain, bad nights sleep, anxiety, worry, lack of energy and lack of focus by restoring your core feminine energy.

Space and MIND
Organised (Consulting)

I help you organise your intimate life by organising your outer space. (check Spaces page)

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Helping you build the relationship you want, starting with your self.

I work online and locally in Portugal or wherever I am at that moment. 🙂



Individual Coaching, Training and Consulting. 


Coaching Fees:

Single Session: 65 Eur

Silver Pack: 500 Eur (8 sessions) – 1x week

Gold Pack: 620  (10 sessions) – 2x month

Rubi Pack 1320 Eur (24 sessions) SAVE 240 Eur – 2x month

Ebook + Workshop + Training – Coming!

(on how to explore your erotic Self to build the relationship you want)

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